Mortea Track (From Le Grazie to Porto Venere)

From the village of Le Grazie accessible by car or bus 11 or P.

1 hour 30 mins.


This is a track between Le Grazie and Porto Venere, crossing the area of Martina, named after the adventures of this girl who inspired a local legend.

At the end of the steps to the cemetery of Le Grazie, turn right, follow Via degli Scavi Romani (on the left there is the entrance to Roman Villa of Varignano) as far as the main road for Porto Venere. Once on the other side continue ascending the village road of S. Antonio. Past the church, follow the hill and take the deviation on the left: the route is surrounded by the typical vegetation of Mediterranean scrub and allows us to admire the outline of Palmaria Island and the characteristic village of Porto Venere. After a few houses turn left, and immediately right, the track continues among the terraces where vineyard cultivation is being restored in high proximity to the village. From here there is a different viewpoint of the powerful Castel Doria that rises in the center of the ancient Genoese colony. From the steps of S. Caterina, you descend into Piazza Basteri, where the pedestrian walkway starts, a worldwide property of humanity.

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