Woodland Track (From Fezzano to Track N.1)

From the Napoleonic road between La Spezia and Porto Venere, at the bend before the Fezzano village cemetery, accessible by car or bus 11 or P.

1 hour 30 mins.


The track allows the walker to observe considerably different environments over a short route.

At the Fezzano bend, take the second set of steps on the right (Via Ruggeri becoming Via Alloria) to Via Simonetta Cattaneo, cross and proceed for about 50 m to the crossroads, on the left, to a recognizable trail marked by a large rock and a lamppost. This area is marked by uncultivated land and in rainy seasons it might be necessary to cross a small stream created by the Marsignano spring. The route, after passing the terraced olive groves, in the Carame area, continues in the shadows of the Holm forest, comes out in the dirt road that crosses the mixed forest that towers over the bay of Panigaglia up to the crossroad with the track that leads to Mount Castellana, in the area of Pezzino Alto. The road on the right brings us to Mount Castellana, the trail on the left leads to Sella Derbi and after a few meters connects into C.A.I. trail # 1.

Alternative route
Before the track advances into the Holm forest an ascending junction leads to the twelve stations of the via Crucis of Croce del Giubileo, which is also visible at night from the road that connects La Spezia with Porto Venere due to the illuminations. Continuing on the ascending track on the right you follow the Alta Via del Golfo (AVG) towards La Spezia, instead of continuing on the dirt road to arrive at Sella Derbi and connecting to trail N.1.

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